If you’re a huge Thesis fan like me, you can’t help but be excited about the massive amount of creativity coming from Thesis designers.

To me, there’s something about a Thesis designer that’s different from most designers. I don’t know if it’s their obvious appreciation for things other than design or if it’s their unique ability to display the remarkable flexibility of Thesis.

All I know is that great Thesis designers are rare. But the ones who get it are simply spectacular.

Two Examples of Thesis Theme At Work Within 24 Hours

Last night, I was up later than I should have been. My OKC Thunder had just lost Game 2 to the Spurs and I was “in my groove” making some changes to this wonderful site you’re on. So, I was fully energized.

Before forcing myself to shut down, I figured I’d refresh my Twitter feed one last time to see what the other night owls were up to.

Then, I see this bad boy (be sure to retweet):


Think Traffic’s New Redesign

Whoa! Talk about a bold redesign of one of my favorite blogs!

Corbett and Caleb know what they’re doing over there. So I knew that I would be impressed once the page loaded. But I had no idea I was going to see such an extreme redesign.

Think Traffic Redesign Thesis

Matterful dot co. is responsible for this edgy work of art and I am thoroughly impressed.

Simply looking at the image doesn’t do it justice. You have to head on over to Think Traffic and get a real-time glimpse of this masterpiece.

Be sure to pay attention to your behavior when the page loads. It’s not always about how a site looks. Sometimes, it’s more about what the site makes you want to do. (Did somebody say conversions? Am I hearing things?)

I went to sleep even more excited about Thesis last night. But then, I woke up to even more greatness.

Marketer’s Delight Goes Responsive

The Most Advanced Thesis Theme SkinSomebody help me. I can’t take this much excitement in such a short period of time.

Marketer’s Delight is the most popular Kolakube skin on the market (no pun intended). Not only is it gorgeous, it does all the freakin’ work for you. Admin options galore make it a breeze to setup and customize.

Today, though, Marketer’s Delight took things to a whole new level by going fully responsive.

No matter the columns… no matter the dimensions… Marketer’s Delight is flexible like Gumby.

Marketer's Delight - Responsive Thesis Theme

With this new update dropping shortly after Aroxis, it’s easy to see that things are headed in the right direction for Thesis fans.

Speed, SEO, conversions, flexibility, and beauty… all easily within the limits of any Thesis website.

How could you not love that? Stop bitching about Thesis 2.0 and look at all the greatness going on right now.

Do me a favor and let everyone else know about the new Marketer’s Delight update. Just retweet it!


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  1. Hey Sean, that was fast, we just launched 18 hours ago 🙂

    Thanks for the write up. I love what you’re doing with the site over here. It’s lookin’ good. Are you planning to go responsive anytime soon?

    • Thanks for stopping by, Corbett. It’s really hard to say, man. I keep saying I will but I never actually do it. I still have mixed feelings about which is better… responsive or a mobile version.

      I was able to write this up so fast because, of course, it’s nowhere near a thorough review. But I just love to see Thesis shine so I figured I’d let everyone know what had me exciting last night and this morning.

      Thanks for the words and I’ll see you next week! 🙂

      • I think you should go for responsive theme, because it will be more flexible and you don’t have to load your works with countless codes for mobile site 🙂

        •  That’s actually backwards, Robert. Responsive is harder on the mobile users because it loads ALL of the code that gets loaded on a desktop. Mobile versions are optimized for mobile and mobile only. That’s why I don’t really understand the hype besides the fact that responsive design is beautiful.

          Check out Chris Pearson’s great explanation of why people really need to consider which one is best for them. http://kolakube.com/responsive-design-big-deal/#comment-2036

  2. Think Traffic’s redesign is pretty bold. Nice use of colors.

  3. It is responsive too.

    •  Sure is… and it was done nicely. That designer did an outstanding job. I really like the thought that was put into the design more so than the design itself. The super dark header elements against the dark header background is gutsy but awesome. On the post pages, when you naturally go look for the main thing in the top left corner, you’re immediately taken to the optin box because the header doesn’t stand out. That’s genius.

  4. I absolutely love the new ThinkTraffic design. Almost makes me want to get on Thesis… almost. I’ve got a lot to do before I think about an overhaul.

  5. Thanks so much for sharing Sean – the TT redesign is amazing, and it seems like it’ll be great for getting conversions, like you said. Brilliant things seem to be happening around Thesis…I’ll have to keep that in mind 🙂

    • There are definitely lots of great things happening around Thesis! Thanks a ton for reading and I’m sure Corbett and the crew appreciate your words. 🙂

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