volatylthemesThe Volatyl Framework was released in March of 2013 as a simple alternative to the major WordPress frameworks in circulation. Built out of necessity, Volatyl has all of the features one would expect from a framework and none of the excess baggage.

The main goal of Volatyl is to make the WordPress theme development process easier for theme developers. This means simple tasks are taken care of right out of the box, like creating pagination, adding menus, and configuring layouts.

Volatyl is not a tool for brand new WordPress users who do not intend to do anything themselves. Unlike many of the major WordPress frameworks, Volatyl includes absolutely no design options and Volatyl Themes does not provide any pretty child themes. That’s what theme designers are for. Volatyl also stays out of plugin territory, like Search Engine Optimization.

For a full overview of Volatyl, head on over to Volatyl Themes and check it out.