SDavis Media has been around for about four years now. That’s a pretty big deal given the changes my personal life has gone through since its inception.

There have been plenty of ups and downs for SDavis Media as a business entity, but the general idea of what purpose it serves has remained the same since day one.

Still a one-man army, SDavis Media’s output has always been inversely proportional to how busy my life has been outside of business. Even more, momentum has faded as I’ve become a full-time member of the Easy Digital Downloads (EDD) team.

As I slowly approach a year with EDD, I’m coming to terms with the initial culture shock I faced as a theme developer in a sea of plugins. I’m also learning what my strengths and weaknesses are as someone who works from home and has an unbelievable amount of freedom.

Things quickly became unorganized and cluttered, leaving me with feelings of inadequacy and confusion. That’s over with.

Sean Davis Media LLC is my business. Web development with WordPress is my skill. Development of the Easy Digital Downloads project is my job. There is absolutely no reason why all three areas can’t continuously progress alongside one another. SDavis Media has been the one to suffer in the past. No more.

Today marks the beginning of a new era for SDavis Media. It was used as a launch pad to get me where I am now, which is wonderful. But now I want more. Enjoy the show.

Published by Sean Davis

When I'm not developing WordPress themes and plugins, I'm usually helping further the Easy Digital Downloads project, traveling, or playing racquetball. Say hi on Twitter. @SDavisMedia


  1. I’ve missed seeing your work on this front, welcome back.

    Volatyl 2? 😀

    • Thank you sir!

      Volatyl 2 is definitely possible. It’s been in the crosshairs for so long now… mainly because I’m using typical WP frameworks less and less these days. So it’s tough to stand behind.

      I have some ideas for changing the business model, though. If I take that leap, it’ll come alongside version 2.0 for sure.

  2. Thanks For Sharing keep up it
    have a nice day

  3. Thanks for your sharing keep up good working. God bless

  4. I like and have used your Simple Course Creator on one WP client’s website, so do you plan to update it?

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