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If you are just getting started blogging, or you’d like to freshen up your knowledge (never too experienced for that), this is the post for you.

Because I care about you so much, I’m putting together a massive list of blogging information that you can spend a few hours reading.

This is not to send you into information overload. or to make you into a Tampa SEO expert overnight, instead, I’m trying to point you to the best information out there to keep you from wasting your time.

Blogging is a very unique business. That’s right. I said business. This post will not be for those who blog as a hobby. However, if you do blog as a hobby, you may consider turning your blog into an income producing business.

In this post, I’m going to point you in the direction of some great content. Seriously… it’s epic.

Don’t get caught up in the hype that is making money online. You’re not ready to digest that stuff until you understand certain things. From here, you can start to learn the real ins and outs so as to make your journey to blogging for money a successful one.

Keep reading.

Selecting A Topic (Niche)

There’s nothing worse than blogging for no reason. Be sure you know what purpose your blog serves. In other words, who are you talking to and what are you doing for them? Make sure your blog has a focus and solves problems for some group of people. Selecting your niche is the most important preparation step if you intend to build a business with your blog.

Choosing Your Domain Name

Your domain name will most likely be the first thing your readers are exposed to. Is it catchy? Should it be? Is it keyword-rich? Is it YOUR domain name or are you using a blogging service? Learn the rules of picking domain names for your blog.

Register Your Domain Name and Get Hosting

1&1 – 1&1 offers domain registration, hosting, and much more. Currently, all of my websites have their domain names registered through 1&1 and are also hosted with 1&1. They are one of the most well-known companies in the industry and offer quality products and services.

Hostgator – Hostgator is one of my favorite hosting companies. You can have your website or blog hosted for $5/month or less. You can also have reseller accounts and start a small web hosting company. If you are starting a website, consider hosting with Hostgator.

Bluehost – Bluehost is another great web hosting company focusing on professional services and free resources. Bluehost supports 1-click installs for many of the web’s best website platforms including WordPress, Joomla, and Drupal.

What Is A Blog?

Now that you have a niche and you have registered a domain name, it’s time to build your blog. There’s no better feeling than a brand new blog with endless possibilities. First, though, you need to understand exactly what a blog is and what people use it for. Understand the role you have to play if you want to have readers for your blog. Ultimately, you need to learn what a blog is in order to be a true blogger.

Brand New to Blogging?
Blogging Is Not for Everyone

Blogging is not always as simple as writing content and publishing it to the web. Things can get tough sometimes if you have certain expectations for your blog and you fear that you will not attain those goals. Take a look at one of my more frustrating days.

Sick and Tired of Blogging: A Blogger’s Frustration Uncensored

Designing Your Blog

Everyone has an opinion on how blogs should be designed. Some like to keep it simple while others complicate things. Some of the ugliest blogs have been successful while the most beautiful blogs are completely ignored. Because you have the freedom to design your blog the way you’d like, I won’t link you to any guides on making your blog blend in with the rest of the blogosphere. However, I will provide links to tips on blog design that cover both aesthetics and functionality.

Choose the Right Platform and Theme

WordPress – WordPress is by far the most popular blogging platform used by a lot of the web’s most popular bloggers. The script is totally free and there are tons of “plugins” that add to the functionality of your blog. Download WordPress and start your own blog today.

Thesis WordPress Theme– Thesis is by far the best WordPress theme. Of course, that is my opinion. However, I’m sure you will feel the same after a little research and even trying it on your own. Thesis handles the structure of your blog straight out of the box. All you have to do is design it. Thesis even makes that a breeze. Make your blog a smart blog with Thesis. ( A Complete Guide to Understanding the Power of Thesis WordPress Theme )

Kolakube – It’s no secret that I am a huge fan of Thesis. I know that it can be a little intimidating for some, though. So, I am also a huge fan of Kolakube as they provide the best premium skins for Thesis on the market.

Writing Quality Content

Content is king! Some say that it’s not. Either way, your content matters. Read the top quality content below to learn more about content for your blog.

Building Your Readers List

The most important part of your blog should be your ability to capture the attention of your visitors and hold them there. Random visitors that come, read your content, do not buy, and leave, serve no purpose to you or your blog. Your email list is how you will use your blog to leverage your abilities.

Don’t Wait to Start Building Your Email List!

Aweber – Aweber is a top quality email marketing service to help you manage your email subscriptions and interact with your subscribers. The initial setup is outstanding and email management is even better. $1 start up :)

Monetizing Your Blog

There are many different ways to make money with your blog. Really, whatever you can persuade people to pay for can bring you a substantial amount of income. It’s all about being creative, offering something that people need, and having the ability to provide. The possibilities are endless.

Amazon Associates Program

Amazon – Amazon is a no-brainer. Most likely, there will be books that you’ll recommend to your readers or one of the other thousands of products that Amazon sells. Sign up for their associates program and place ads as you see fit.

Affiliate Networks

Product & Service Creation

I said that affiliate marketing was the second best way to make money with a blog. Creating your own products and services has to be the best way. Literally, you can invest a little bit of time (very little money… if any) and sell your work for however much you want. Not only that, if set up properly, you will continue to get paid for work done once. This is a very important section. Read it all.

Digital Product Related Services

E-Junkie – E-Junkie is an affiliate network with features galore. Use E-Junkie to sell your digital products or even give them away for free. Delivery is automated and instant. Even set up your own affiliate programs for your products and earn money through others’ efforts.

Building a Brand with your Business

The biggest mistake that most bloggers make (myself included) is that they don’t build a brand. They create a blog and that’s it. You can’t find them anywhere else doing anything else. A successful blog should be nothing more than a foot in the door. You should be able to sell water to a whale, too. Only your brand can create that kind of trust. Not just a blog.

My Top 10 Bloggers to Follow

By no means are they the only bloggers in the blogosphere worth following. However, they’ll definitely help you turn your blog into a thriving business. Subscribe to their email lists and download their free products if they have them. Those free products, believe it or not, have tons of vital information in them.

Daily, I read…

There are many more outstanding blogs out there for you to find. Dive head first into the blogosphere and learn where you belong among bloggers.

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  4. Hi there – this is quite an impressive list of hints. I like it. Many thanks

  5. Whoa, this is a massive list of great resources Sean!

    You’re so organized that it hurts (in a good way!)

    I’m currently checking out your book – Blogger’s Resources – and I can’t believe I never saw your work until now. It is simply amazing and I’m not easy to impress.

    You pay a lot of attention even for the smallest detail in every single thing I have seen from you and that is certainly something I strongly appreciate.

    I can see there’s a lot I can learn from you so thanks in advance man.

    You can expect a lot more feedback from me about what you’re doing online because it simply rocks!


    • Hey thanks a lot for that, Sergio. I’m pretty sure I have never blushed from a blog comment until now lol.

      I know I make just as many mistakes as the next blogger but I do try my best to do things right the first time. I’m glad that it shows in some of my work. So, thank you for that!

      I am actually in the process of developing the second edition of my Blogger’s Resource Kit. Believe it or not, I created that in about 10 hours one day… from concept to finish. It went live that day and I never looked back. The second edition will add much more of my experiences to it and many more resources.

      I look to learn from you as well, my friend. I’ve seen you around before but you know how the game goes. Everything happens in phases. Your Thesis/Genesis article pushed things into the next phase for me… so here we are!

      Hopefully, we’ll meet a Blog Expo some day and find a way to collaborate to help others!

      Thanks again for the support, man.


  6. Awesome list of resource for new bloggers to follow, thanks for sharing this 🙂

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    The resources I recognize are awesome and the resources I don’t recognize are each turning out even more awesome…

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