A successful man is one who can lay a firm foundation with the bricks others have thrown at him. ~ David Brinkley

And what is an unsuccessful man? I’m sure there are many different answers to the question. I’d like to take my stab at it, though.

First, let me tell you a story about something I witnessed today.

As you all know, I am a Soldier in the United States Army, though my time will be completed in about a month. Due to the nature of my profession, I’m constantly surrounded by physically fit Soldiers.

Consider me an average sized guy. I’m 5’10” 165lbs with very little body fat.

However, I’m considered extremely slim to many. Well, I know a Captain that’s about 5’9″ and at least 190lbs… all muscle.

At least that’s how he’s been built since I met him a couple of years ago. Today, though, he shocked me when he came back to work from lower back surgery recovery.

When I saw him, it was so sudden that I said, “What the…” without thinking. He was smaller than me.

He and I deployed to Iraq together in 2009 and lived in very cramped quarters, so I am aware of his health and fitness routines. He used to take supplements to enhance his workout, help his body recover quicker after workouts, and to put on muscle mass. Because of his surgery and recovery, he was not able to work out and take supplements the way he had been before.

I could not believe how much of his build was a product of supplements.

After getting through the awkward moment of trying to act like I hadn’t noticed the changes, all I could think about was the importance of having a quality foundation in everything that you do.

So, my idea of an unsuccessful man is one who cannot lay a foundation at all.

Think about this posts when it comes to building your business, relationships, websites, or whatever it is that you’re into building. I cannot stress the importance of a solid foundation to build upon.

If you are a web developer, would you build your entire content driven website on deprecated code?

If you met the man/woman of your dreams, would you immediately lie about your profession?

If you did decide to do these things, how much could you possibly build on the unstable foundation? Not very much at all.

This is not to say that you have to prepare for the worst. That’s not what I’m saying here. However, you do need to prepare for stability. All that is built on a shaky foundation is a wasted effort when it all comes crashing down. Likewise, it is a crime against your own future to undermine your chances of success.

Bloggers, create quality content and hold out on the bells and whistles. Fitness freaks, keep it natural if you can. You never know when the supplements will no longer be available.

Published by Sean Davis

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  1. This is important advice for anybody wanting to go out and start a business, if your business is not built on solid foundations of a good product/service then prepare to fail.

    • That’s very true. I’ve seen some people try to build an internet business around really lazy digital products. It might take off of a few seconds but once people realize the low quality, it all comes crumbling down.

      Thanks for reading.

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