No holds barred, I’m about to let loose on myself fake entrepreneurs.

I see it all the time and I am sick of it. Shortcuts and excuses… they’re everywhere. Mainly, I’m talking about the world of internet entrepreneurs. But I’m sure the plague reaches is much further.

What is it with people not wanting to fail these days? Honestly, I can’t remember a time that it wasn’t this way, being that I am only 27 years old.

But the evidence of real entrepreneurs is obvious no matter where I turn. Why is it that these great entrepreneurs from the past are categorized the same as these schmucks we see today?

You’re just going to throw a couple of AdSense ads in the sidebar of your 1-Click script WordPress blog and I’m supposed to believe that you’re innovative? You are taking a risks because hosting costs $4.95 a month and nobody is forcing you to pay? Oh, maybe it’s the desire to work from home that makes you an entrepreneur?

Hell no. That’s not how it works.

What Makes A Real Entrepreneur?

I’m not Webster so it’s really not my place to give you definitions. But I am Sean, and I do have the right to an opinion. So, that’s what you’ll get today. Here’s the definition of an entrepreneur from my handy Webster’s II Dictionary:

  • One who launches or manages a business venture, often assuming risks.

Oh, I see. This is why so many people claim to be entrepreneurs but haven’t done anything more than twiddle their thumbs over a keyboard and stalk Google Analytics. Here’s my definition of an entrepreneur:

  • One who fills in the space between a dream and reality.

Sure, my definition can be abused too, if you dream about selling 125px by 125px ad space on your blog.

That’s not what I am talking about here, though.

Dreams should have a clear separation from reality. They should stand out as impossible to the average person. They should be your definition of perfect. Nothing about your past or current existence should suggest that those dreams are possible

Entrepreneurs turn those dreams into reality with vision.

Steve Jobs was an entrepreneur. He envisioned a world much smaller, connected in ways that most of us had never even imagined. He built the bridge between his dreams and our reality with his vision.

Henry Ford did the same thing, and so did hundreds of other entrepreneurs.

Who Am I Talking to?

I don’t know. You tell me?

I’ll let you in on a secret if you haven’t figured it out already. I’m talking about myself.

I’m the only one who knows what my dreams are and how good of a job I am doing turning them into reality.

I’m the only one who can take a good look at my dreams and figure out if they are worthy of manifestation into their physical form.

Dreams to make $30,000 a month online like Pat Flynn is not a dream worth dreaming. It’s a reality that has been done many times before and it doesn’t take a damn dream to bring it into existence.

All it takes is defining what your goals are and backwards planning to make them happen.

It makes us feel better to label these mediocre desires as dreams so that our comfortable, daily actions seem to hold more weight in the grand scheme of things than they actually do.

**** that. If we can’t keep it real with ourselves, who else will?

So, am I talking to you? Only you can decide. If I am, though, say it to yourself, like I’m doing right now. Otherwise, you’re just looking at someone else for all of the answers.

So typical of the 21st Century Internet Entrepreneur…

In no way, shape, or form is that a shot at Pat Flynn. Pat is great at what he does and I thoroughly admire his work. If you watch him closely, he doesn’t act like a guy that is living out his dreams. He acts like a humble guy who has achieved some of his goals and there’s much more to come. I am willing to bet that his accomplishments that we all see online are only a part of a much bigger picture. Don’t let someone else’s success, regardless of how it compares to your own, cause you to aim low with your dreams. Think about what I am saying.

Why Isn’t Anyone Taking Risks?

Sadly, the new definition of a risk taker is one who dares to do something differently than what the internet marketing gurus say to do.

  • You put your subscription form in the header instead of the top of the sidebar? Risk taker.
  • You use swear words in your blog posts? Risk taker.
  • You don’t use images in your articles? Risk taker.

Get the hell out of here.

You’re letting formalities be the scale with which you compare your actions and you think that you’re taking risks because they’re different? Please, Sean man. In the words of Jay-Z:

I can’t base what I’m gon’ be off of what everybody isn’t. – So Ambitious

What he’s saying is that he’ll decide what he’s going to do and who he is going to be and it has absolutely nothing to do with what is expected of him… regardless of those expectations being reasonable or not.

Simply going against the grain is not being a risk taker.

Again, a simple definition of taking risks may make you an entrepreneur. But I don’t like the basic definition if it’s also going to be applied to the real entrepreneurs of the past. Demand more than the standard.

As internet entrepreneurs, taking risks isn’t always the easiest thing to define, though. I mean, how crazy can you get with a blog?

Do More than Blog

You see, the best thing about being an entrepreneur is that you set the limits as high and wide as you’d like.

In fact, you really shouldn’t be setting any limits.

As stated above, you can only do so much with a blog or basic website. You can be the best at blogging or building an email list to sell your digi-products to, but is that enough?

Because you dreamt of having a successful blog the day before you started your blog doesn’t mean that you’re done.

You haven’t changed the world.

You haven’t helped as many people as you possibly can.

Yes, your accomplishments are worth noting. But to be satisfied and content with basic accomplishments is no different than simply saving your inflation-stricken dollars. Eventually, it dwindles down to nothing and your momentum is lost.

You have to keep growing and doing more.

Once you have a successful blog (really, you don’t even have to wait for success), what can that be the foundation for? What can step one lead to. Step two, perhaps?

What if Steve Jobs had stopped before the iPod came into existence? Would the smartphone world have ever reached what it is now? The iPhone was a game changer and I believe to be a direct descendant of the iPod. The iPad was also a game changer, again, branching from the success of previous iDevices mixed with a little bit of real entrepreneurial thinking.

You’ll never rise above the image you have of yourself. You’ll never reach beyond the limits you’ve set for yourself.

So, redefine entrepreneur and redefine your dreams.

One Last Thing

My mom always said that it takes strength to look at yourself and see what’s real. She also said that it takes even more strength to do something about it.

Maybe I should have called this a Sean Davis Roast.

I sat here this morning and thought about what it was that I was doing on this internet. Am I really making my dreams come true? If so, are those dreams worthy of my time and effort or should they apply more pressure on me to do great things?

I’ll admit, my dreams haven’t been very big in the past. Everything that I’ve wanted to do was a result of something that I’ve seen others do.

I wanted to make money like Pat does. Sure I do. But I already know what it takes to get there. It’s a matter of getting it done that separates him from me, not a matter of dreaming big.

I guess you can call this post a form of public accountability I am throwing on myself. It’s necessary, though. I’ve been calling myself an entrepreneur but I would be embarrassed to say in front of certain people in this world. I don’t think that’s modesty. I think that’s just being real with myself.

So, if you can agree with me on some of the things mentioned in this post, I hope you take the time to sit back and start concentrating on thinking big and doing more.

Income from online ventures is not directly proportional to how much of an entrepreneur you are. Instead, it’s a matter of how big your dreams are and what road you take to bring them into existence.

At least that’s how I see things.

Dream big. Do work.

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  1. Damn fine post Sean. Wise words from the heart really spoke to me. It’s so easy to get caught up in learning from the ‘experts’ that we take on their achievements as our goals. Why? Laziness? Because we don’t know what’s possible? Crowd mentality? Who knows, but your questioning is very important for anyone wanting to make a difference. Dream your own dream and dream big. Keeping accountable to your real dream is where it’s at.

    • Thanks a lot for reading, Jim! I remember when I wrote this post. I was some time ago and it was actually on my old blog, which has since been converted into SDavis Media.

      I was feeling some kind of way that day and I meant every word I said. Mainly, I was talking to myself.

      So glad you enjoyed and thanks a lot for reading and sharing!

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