Sick and Tired of Blogging: A Blogger’s Frustration Uncensored

I think I’m going to skip out on the norm, this time around. The list post… the how-to articles that I hope the entire world will someday search for… the review of a great product that has already been reviewed 7,438,213 times before… I’m staying away from all of it this time.

Though I’ve read many times before that a blogger has to write for his or her readers, I feel the need to be selfish, for once. It’s my blog and I’ll write for me if I want to.

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A Complete Guide to Understanding the Power of Thesis WordPress Theme

This article was written for Thesis 1. Thesis 2 is out now!

What’s the first thing most people are concerned with when they start a new blog? If you’re thinking design, you’re dead on. There’s a huge problem with that, though. I’ll explain.

While design is definitely important, it’s not the only area to be concerned with. What about speed? What about SEO? Don’t they matter as well?

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