An Unbiased Observation Of Responders To Derek Halpern’s “No Search Form” Post on Social Triggers

I’ve been dying to write about this for the last 24 hours. I’m going for it.

Derek Halpern of has released an article that has the blogosphere going nuts. You’ve either commented on the post, read it and formulated your own opinion, or you’re about  to read it now.

I read it yesterday when it was first published and I didn’t realize how big of a deal it would be.

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Why Most New Bloggers Idolize the Wrong Experts and Practically Ask for Failure

The great thing about being a new blogger is that there’s no shortage of information on how to succeed as an internet entrepreneur. It’s like clockwork. How to Blog and How to Make Money Blogging blogs are everywhere and there are new ones produced everyday.

This blog even falls into those categories. So, I don’t necessarily consider it to be a bad thing. But it can definitely mislead bloggers and make them think that things are a little more simple than they really are.

There’s a problem, though.

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Risk-Avoiding, Self-Proclaiming, Non-Innovative, 21st Century Wishful Thinkers

No holds barred, I’m about to let loose on myself fake entrepreneurs.

I see it all the time and I am sick of it. Shortcuts and excuses… they’re everywhere. Mainly, I’m talking about the world of internet entrepreneurs. But I’m sure the plague reaches is much further.

What is it with people not wanting to fail these days? Honestly, I can’t remember a time that it wasn’t this way, being that I am only 27 years old.

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A Blogger’s Goal: Become an Authority and Quality Information Source

Where do you get your information? Who do you trust? Who will you believe without any further research? Are you someone else’s answer to those questions?

I ask this question because of something that I have been noticing on other blogs lately. More and more successful bloggers are becoming authorities in a specific area and sources of information, rather than writers.

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