How to Create Shortlinks Using WordPress, 3rd Party Services, or Branded Domain Names

One of the coolest things about the internet is the fact that it never stops changing. The technology is so flexible that infinite growth is almost certain.

With that growth comes innovation. With innovation comes new opportunities to learn. This is one of those opportunities.

In this article, I’m going to show you how to create shortlinks for your blog posts and pages in three levels. I don’t see Twitter changing its 140 character rule anytime soon. So, let’s use the power of technology to squeeze more content into a tweet (or anywhere else) than ever before.

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“WordPress 3.4 Messed Up My Optin Forms!” Use This Plugin To Fix Formatting Issues

If I had a quarter for every person whose optin forms have been mutilated by the WordPress 3.4 update, I wouldn’t be blogging anymore.

I’d be somewhere using coin laundry like a mad man and sipping Coronas.

Unfortunately, that’s not the case. I’m still here. So, I might as well let everyone know what can be done to right the wrong that is the WordPress Visual/HTML Editor.

If your optin form has some brand new spacing issues after your upgrade to WordPress 3.4, keep reading.

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All Thesis Sites Look Alike, They Say… Switch Things Up a Bit with these Customizations

This post was written for Thesis 1.x. You can find Thesis 2 here.

It’s true, Thesis blogs are easy to recognize. If it’s not the Georgia font that stands out, it’s the easily recognizable byline underneath the post title.

Or maybe it’s the “boxy” navigation menu with the gray background?

Who cares?

Whatever the reason, it’s enough to send design snobs headed in the opposite direction once the page loads.

That doesn’t have to be the case, though. Let me show you a few tricks to help your Thesis site step outside of the norm.

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24 hours Of Greatness: Two Examples Of Thesis Theme And All Its Muscle At Work

If you’re a huge Thesis fan like me, you can’t help but be excited about the massive amount of creativity coming from Thesis designers.

To me, there’s something about a Thesis designer that’s different from most designers. I don’t know if it’s their obvious appreciation for things other than design or if it’s their unique ability to display the remarkable flexibility of Thesis.

All I know is that great Thesis designers are rare. But the ones who get it are simply spectacular.

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