What’s Next For You Online? What Are You Working On? What Are Your Goals?

It’s been a long time since I’ve written an article that didn’t teach people how to do something technical. I’m not a great writer so when I can focus my words on topics more important (to my readers) than rhetoric, I can get away with with a grammatical error or two.

Today, though, I’m at the mercy of nit-pickers as I’d like to discuss something non-technical for a moment. Stick with me. I’m feeling some kind of way this morning and I’d like to share my thoughts.

The first question that comes to mind is one that I had to ask myself several times before I finally did something with myself. Now, I’m asking you.

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Why You Really Don’t Know How to Use Thesis 2… and What You Need to Do About It

Well, it’s been a month since Thesis 2 was released to the public and it’s been one hell of a scene since then.

Some folks feel like Superman (or Superwoman) with such a powerful new tool. Others feel cheated because what was once handed to them on a silver platter now requires a baseline understanding of exactly what they’re doing.

To me, though, 95% of those who have reacted negatively to Thesis 2 have a bigger problem they need to address… and I’m about to get this thing started. Check it out.

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Use this Free Alternative to Survey Monkey and Extract Value from Your Readers

Here’s the deal… I’m cheap. I’m not into randomly spending money without thinking about it first. Investing in my business is a definite must. But smart investments take time.

Not too long ago, I found myself in need of a survey management service. I had a few questions that needed answers from my readers and I felt like the best way to get those answers was to conduct a survey. I found that I could also get paid for surveys on this website.

Little did I know that I would be asked to pay for monthly memberships just accomplish what I thought was a simple task. Let me tell you what happened.

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How I Cut My Page Load Speed by 90% Using Jetpack, CDN, Dedicated Hosting, and More

Many things have changed for SDavis Media since writing this article. However, everything listed in this article is still legit. Please follow the guide with improving your website in mind.

I’m not even going to lie. For about 36 hours, I was pretty obsessed with making my site load faster all because someone called me out publicly.

In a tweet, I told the world that SDavis Media was fully responsive. It was great news for me, because I had spent three stressful days before the announcement coding for responsiveness. I was proud of my work.

After a few positive tweets from my followers, I received a “mention” from a follower of a follower who had retweeted my announcement. Take a look.

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