Post Formats Are Coming So Get Ready

Post Formats will become the norm for publishing content with WordPress. Behind the scenes since WordPress 3.1, 3.6 will put Post Formats in the spotlight.

In short, Post Formats are used to structure articles based on their content type. Video Post Formats should highlight videos over anything else. Quote Post Formats should focus on quotes. It’s pretty self-explanatory.

Theme developers will handle how this content is structured and displayed. This is an opportunity to get creative and make publishing content fun for the user.

As of now, Standard, Image, Gallery, Link, Video, Audio, Chat, Status, Quote, and Aside will be supported. Read the Post Format descriptions.

The Volatyl Framework will support all Post Formats. They’re already being implemented. Right now, you’re reading an Aside disguised as a “Quick Snippet.”

Edit: The WordPress crew decided to leave Post Formats in the background for the 3.6 release. Smart move. Volatyl will not support Post Formats in the core (reserved for child themes) until they become default WordPress functionality.

Do We Really Need Sidebars? The Purpose Behind A Focused Redesign

For most of you, loading up SDavis Media to find a new design is totally normal. I’m not afraid to admit that I’m a redesign addict… mainly because I never like anything I produce for more than 72 hours.

There’s something different about this redesign, though. Unlike other times, this wasn’t about how the site looks. This redesign was focused on purpose. What exactly did I want to accomplish with every single page of the site? What were my goals?

In finding answers to these questions, the new design shaped itself. All I had to do was pick the colors. Seriously.

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Why Volatyl? Aren’t There Enough WordPress Frameworks to Choose From?

What exactly are we doing here folks? Why do developers create software products? Why does McDonald’s pack who-knows-what together in less than 5 minutes for a few bucks? Why are umbrellas so popular?

It’s simple. Products and services solve problems. Developers create automated solutions to complex problems. McDonald’s satisfies hunger (at the expense of everything good in the world). Umbrellas keep you from getting wet when it rains. If you have a problem, chances are there’s a product ready to solve it for you.

So when the question of why we need another WordPress Framework is asked, the answer lies in what problems it solves.

Let’s talk about that in regards to the Volatyl Framework.

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Outsource Web Development – Great Design, Low Cost, Fast Turnaround, Fairy Tales

Listen. Everyone doesn’t have to be into web development. It’s not everyone’s passion. I get it. But I’m just about fed up with this lazy combination of desires, abilities, and pocket books that far too many internet entrepreneurs are showing these days.

I’m a really nice guy. I can promise you that. I’m so nice, though, that my top priority is to give you what you need and I couldn’t care less about what you want. That’s for you to manage.

Right now, I’m here to give some of you what you need. You can take it or leave it. It’s not going to change, though. Let’s do this.

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