A New Era for SDavis Media

SDavis Media has been around for about four years now. That’s a pretty big deal given the changes my personal life has gone through since its inception.

There have been plenty of ups and downs for SDavis Media as a business entity, but the general idea of what purpose it serves has remained the same since day one.

Still a one-man army, SDavis Media’s output has always been inversely proportional to how busy my life has been outside of business. Even more, momentum has faded as I’ve become a full-time member of the Easy Digital Downloads (EDD) team.

As I slowly approach a year with EDD, I’m coming to terms with the initial culture shock I faced as a theme developer in a sea of plugins. I’m also learning what my strengths and weaknesses are as someone who works from home and has an unbelievable amount of freedom.

Things quickly became unorganized and cluttered, leaving me with feelings of inadequacy and confusion. That’s over with.

Sean Davis Media LLC is my business. Web development with WordPress is my skill. Development of the Easy Digital Downloads project is my job. There is absolutely no reason why all three areas can’t continuously progress alongside one another. SDavis Media has been the one to suffer in the past. No more.

Today marks the beginning of a new era for SDavis Media. It was used as a launch pad to get me where I am now, which is wonderful. But now I want more. Enjoy the show.

Digital Product Refund Periods: Is the “Standard” Just a Trend?

I’m not sure how I feel about digital product refund periods these days.

My first few years online conditioned me to think that a 30 to 60 day refund period was absolutely necessary. I’m not sure how true that is, though.

I don’t know the history of digital products being sold online but I feel like the super long sales copy era (you know… with the yellow highlights and thick dashed borders) created the idea that refunds should not only be given for long periods of time, but they should also be a main selling point.

I don’t really believe that anymore, though.

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Essential WordPress Plugins List Including New Search Engine Optimization Favorite

Almost a year ago, I wrote an article about page speed. I listed a few things necessary to make your WordPress site load faster and use fewer resources.

A popular part of that article, mainly because it led directly to action steps, was reducing the number of plugins and increasing the efficiency of the ones used.

Besides switching from the Thesis WordPress Theme to the Volatyl Framework, most everything written in that article still describes how SDavis Media is structured.

However, the framework swap and aggressive, new design tactics changed the landscape of my plugins. Here’s how.

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Want A Responsive Website? Don’t Know How to Write Responsive CSS? Read This.

I don’t know why it has taken me so long to write this article. I guess I thought the “problem” would eventually go away. It hasn’t… and it probably won’t. So now I want to talk about it.

The problem I’m talking about here is the idea that everyone should demand something they don’t understand, and in some cases, they don’t even need it.

That thing is responsive web design. If you don’t know what that is, don’t even worry about this article. If you do know what it is, you consider it to be a requirement, but you don’t know how to write responsive code, this is for you. Follow me.

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